609 O'Farrell St. San Francisco, CA 94109

Phone: 415.757.0838
Cell : +1.580.402.0060 (whatsapp/viber/line) for international customers



Golden Gate Rides was founded in 2015 by Bigyan Koirala, a native of Nepal who grew up and graduated from Oklahoma and now calls San Francisco home.

The sharing economy had just started booming in 2013 boom when Bigyan saw the need for a business in shared resources- such as a bike. San Francisco was and is still over run by bike rental places that are all uniform in the products and service they offer. But an experience has to be unmatched- one that is to be kept forever. We strive to provide you that.

We started with just one bike in 2015 and have grown to a small fleet of bikes and service which are as personal to us as we'd like for it to be for you. We have had the opportunity to serve thousands of customers from all walks of life and we hope you choose us to be part of your adventures in San Francisco.